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Alphabetic FLAG LIST of NETRADIO from many COUNTRIES
Kingdom of Denmark Aland Islands (Finland) Principality of Andorra Argentina Australia Austria Belarus Kingdom of Belgium Bosnia-Hercegovina Brasil
Bulgaria Canada Chile China Christian Costa Rica Croatia Czech Republic Cyprus Esperanto
Estonia Faroe Islands (Denmark) Finland (Suomi) France Gay Community Germany Gibraltar Greece Greenland (Denmark) Guam
Hong Kong Hungary Iceland India Ireland Israel Italy Ivory Coast Empire of Japan Latvia
Principality of Liechtenstein Lithuania Principality of Luxembourg Malta Mexico Principality of Monaco Mongolia Kingdom of Nepal Kingdom of the Netherlands New Zealand
Kingdom of Norway Paraguay Peru Philippines Poland Portugal Puerto Rico Romania Russia Serbia and Montenegro
Slovakia Slovenia Republic of South Africa South Korea Kingdom of Spain Kingdom of Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Kingdom of Thailand Ukraine
United Kingdom United States of America Venezuela Vietnam Virgin Islands (USA)



1976 Radio Luxembourg, 208 meter, London W1, the UK (thr EU)
1977 Radio Prague, External Services, Czechoslovakia
1978 Kol Israel, International Reshet Hey, Israel
1979 RAI, Radio Televisione Italiana, RadioUno, Italy (the EU)
1980 VoA, Voice of America, English Section, the USA
1981 BBC World Service, the United Kingdom (the EU)
1982 BRT, Belgische Radio en Televisie, Flemish/English, Belgium (the EU)
1983 RFi, Radio France internationale, France (the EU)
1984 Voice of Greece, External Service, Greece (the EU)
1985 Danmarks Radio, Channel P3, Denmark (the EU)
1986 Radio France, Channel France Inter, France (the EU)
1987 DLF, Radio Deutschlandfunk, Danish Section, Germany (the EU)
1988 Radio Nederland Wereldomroep, the Netherlands (the EU)
1989 BBC World Service, the United Kingdom (the EU)
1990 Radio Sweden International, Utrikesprogrammet, Sweden
2001 Danmarks Radio, Channel P1, Denmark (the EU)
2002 RTBF, Channel 1, Belgium (the EU)
2003 Radio Suisse Romande 1ère, Switzerland
2004 Latvijas Radio, Channel 2, Latvia (the EU)
2005 Radio Netherlands, English Service, the Netherlands (the EU)
2006 RAI, Danish Programme & RadioUno-Due-Tre, Italian, Italy (the EU)
2007 CBC Radio One Toronto, English, Canada
2009 ORF, sterreichischer Rundfunk, Channel 1, German, Austria
2010 KDFC Classical Music Radio, California, the USA
2011 NPR, National Public Radio, English, the USA
2012 RTBF, La Premire, French, Belgium (the EU)
2013 VRT, 1-2-Studio Brussels, Flemish, Belgium (the EU)

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Live = Live stream; Audio = Select, non-live program

Live = Live stream; Audio = Select, non-live program


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Many LINKS to LIVE broadcasts RIGHT AWAY Many LINKS to LIVE broadcasts RIGHT AWAY

AUDIO & LIVE Broadcasts via the Net = Webcasts


Many LINKS to LIVE broadcasts RIGHT AWAY ***
Radio Latvija channel 2, LIVE in Latvian from Riga - NEFT's FAVOURITE OF 2004 *** RSR1 La Premire Radio Switzerland LIVE in French FRANCAIS - NEFT'S FAVOURITE of 2003 *** Copenhagen Calling AUDIO IN ENGLISH from BANNS Denmark *** Radio Evropa 2, Prague, Czech Republic *** Radio Netherlands LIVE in ENGLISH
24 hours a day from Hilversum, the Netherlands

Channel 1 LIVE from Radio Denmark in DanishChannel 1 LIVE from Radio Denmark in Danish Radio Denmark 2 CLASSIC, LIVE in DanishRadio Denmark CLASSIC, LIVE in Danish Channel 3 LIVE from Radio Denmark in DanishChannel 3 LIVE from Radio Denmark in Danish Radio 2 Copenhagen - Denmark LIVE, MODERN MUSICRadio 2 Oestjylland Denmark LIVE, MODERN MUSIC Listen to Radio 100 FMListen to Radio 100 FM The Voice LIVE HIT MUSIC from DenmarkThe Voice LIVE HIT MUSIC from Denmark Television Channel Television Channel LATEST NEWS from Radio Denmark in Danish DR TV Latest NEWS in DANISH

In NORDIC & VARIOUS languages
Rai LIVE in DANISH from ROME, Italy Radio Sweden, SR P1 LIVE in SWEDISH Rai2 LIVE in SWEDISH to Sweden, Norway and
Finland from ROME, Italy NRK Radio Norway P4 'Hele Norge' in Norwegian YLE, Radio Finland, one hour programme in Finnish Radio Iceland Program RS 1, LIVE in ICELANDIC RS2 LIVE in Faroese from THE FAROE ISLANDS Radio Prague LIVE in various languages from the CZECH REPUBLIC IBA RESHET BET, LIVE in Hebrew from Jerusalem IBA RESHET ALEF, LIVE in Hebrew from Jerusalem

RFi MONDE - Radio France internationale LIVE in French FRANCAIS Nouvelles - Latest NEWS from RFi MONDE - Radio France internationale LIVE in French France Culture LIVE from France in FRENCH France Inter LIVE from France in FRENCH RTL FRANCE live in French FRANCAIS VIDEO Radio Shalom in FRENCH from PARIS RSR2 Espace2 Radio Switzerland LIVE in French FRANCAIS RSR3 Couleur3 Radio Switzerland LIVE MODERN MUSIC RTBF1 LIVE in French FRANCAIS from BELGIUM NRJ - Radio NRJ LIVE from Belgium in FRENCH Radio Canada International LIVE in FRENCH - FRANCAIS DU CANADA RDP Antenna 1 LIVE in PORTUGUESE from PORTUGAL Rai2 LIVE in Italian Radio 1 RNE, Spain

Radio BERLIN 88,8 FM SFB Berlin-Brandenburg LIVE in GERMAN NDR 90,3 LIVE in German WDR2 Westdeutscher Rundfunk Programm 2, Cologne, LIVE in German NDR Welle Nord LIVE in German MDR 1, Radio Sachsen, Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk, LIVE in GERMAN, Leipzig, GERMANY NDR Kultur (Classical music etc.) in German 1 Journal Rund um die Uhr LIVE in GERMAN from AUSTRIA DRS 2 LIVE in GERMAN from Switzerland Swiss Classical Music Radio LIVE Listen to VRT Radio 2 Vlaams Brabrant - LIVE in FLEMISH from Belgium Listen to Radio Netherlands, LIVE in DUTCH CyBC LIVE in GREEK from CYPRUS ERT 1 LIVE in GREEK from GREECE

Listen LIVE to RADIO AUSTRALIA in ENGLISH COPENHAGEN CALLING, News in ENGLISH from DENMARK Latest ENGLISH program BBC WORLD SERVICE from London LIVE in ENGLISH BBC NEWS World channel (NEWS NOW) in ENGLISH from London BBC Radio 4 in ENGLISH from the United Kingdom Latest News in English from BBC Radio 4 BBC Radio SCOTLAND in ENGLISH - ALBA RT 1 LIVE in ENGLISH from IRELAND CBC Radio 1 LIVE from Toronto CANADA in ENGLISH VoA LIVE in ENGLISH CNN Radio LIVE from the USA in ENGLISH Latest ENGLISH program AUDIO from Radio Slovakia, Bratislava Radio Budapest AUDIO in ENGLISH from HUNGARY